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Employing the attributes of Safety, Education, Quality and Integrity. We will communicate to the consumer through our association, the importance of meeting agreed upon requirements 100% of the time by doing things right the first time.

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  • Welcome to the official website for the Westchester Licensed electrical contractors association. This website is a valuable tool for contractors, property owners and all other persons wanting a comprehensive way of accessing many electrical related topics both specific to Westchester and nationwide.


    I would like to take this time to first apologize for not having a president’s message on a consistent basis this year. I think you all know these times are difficult and don’t leave me as much time as I would like to write the president’s message.

    With that said, we had our last general meeting going into the summer break and I would just like to give thanks to the board members for all your help, the members who show up regularly to all the meetings, the supply houses, vendors, inspection agencies, Matt Worner, Steve DeNise, Paul Daddeo and Ed Reluzco for all your continued support and information you provide us with throughout the year.

    I want to give a special thanks to Pat Reilly from Con-Ed who has attended every meeting and each time bringing very important information regarding the Blue Book rules and changes and to help us interpret it all as well as take our suggestions and incorporate them into Con-Eds current rules and procedures.

    (I.E. being able to use SEU Cable in a 400 Amp meter pan and the newest one giving us the remaining capacity of a gas service to be able to size a generator to fit the existing gas service)

    You all should have been emailed a few new changes in the last day or so.

    Keep in mind we are having our end of the year dinner on Monday, June 10th at 7:00pm at the Harvest on Hudson. Hopefully I will see you there. If not, have a great summer and I will see you at our September General Meeting.

    Please Note our first meeting back in September will be on the 10th which is a Tuesday due to the Labor Day Holiday.

    Louis Monforte

    Louis Monforte, President

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  • Ensuring Safety Always Comes First
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Please make sure you use a licensed Electrician to install and check all your electrical systems.